I decided to start my blog today, not as an April Fools’ joke (although anyone who knows me will probably think this is), but because today marks the one month countdown to the launch of percolating design, my new line of knitted jewelry.

I feel pretty good about this self-imposed deadline. I’ve already gotten the business set up on the legal/administrative side. I’ve been playing around with Goodsie for the past month, which will host my website. Now I’m on to the photographs, one of which I’ve included below. Not to mention, I’ve received so much encouragement from family, friends and strangers alike who have told me they want to be among my first customers when I’m up and running. This has been my best motivation yet- knowing that I already have customers!

Besides, launching my business is starting to feel a little like planning my wedding did– I could probably go on forever in planning mode trying to get everything just right, but in the end nobody but me will notice if it is not. At some point, I just have to take the leap and hope for the best. It worked for my marriage (569 days and counting)!

Oh, and I’m knitting a few hours every day to get my inventory up. I will be stocking ready-made necklaces in my Etsy shop and will take custom orders from my website www.percolatingdesign.com, both of which will launch on May 1.

Well, I think this is a pretty good start. Gotta get back to work now!