When it comes to gifts, people say it’s the thought that counts. I think that’s also true of the wrapping. I love pretty packaging almost as much as I love giving or receiving a gift itself. If you visit my pinterest page, you’ll see that I have a whole board dedicated to gift wrapping. Of course I don’t always have time to create beautifully wrapped gifts, so I try to have lots of neutral wrapping paraphernalia on hand – like kraft paper – that I can whip together for any occasion and top it off with a colorful ribbon or gift tag.

When I started thinking about the packaging for percolating design, I knew I wanted every purchase to look like a gift. I also had to consider what would hold up best in the mail. My first idea was mailing tubes, just because I think it would be cool to get anything sent to me in a tube. Luckily, with my knitted necklaces I don’t have to worry about breakage. This opened up the realm of possibilities, but somehow I still found myself gravitating toward my old standby– kraft paper.

I decided to go with a coffee theme and really play up the freshly knit aspect of my jewelry. I found the perfect coffee bag with a little window to show off my knitting. I created a cute label to describe the contents in coffee terms like blend, notes, and weight. There’s even a “knit on” date. I think the packaging is really fun and unexpected, just like the product itself.