To keep things interesting (for me and my customers), I’ve decided to release my line in limited edition seasonal collections. Every few months I’ll be changing up my colors and styles with what’s trending. I’ll have small inventories of carefully selected colors so my shop will always be fresh and current. Hopefully, this keeps folks coming back for more each season.

Here is a preview of my summer collection. I originally took these photos for my new business cards from Moo allows you to upload different photos for each card, so it is a perfect way to show off my collections. Plus, I love their MiniCards. I think the photos really showcase the rich color palettes and stitch definition of the necklaces, so I’m including them on my product pages as well.

The summer collection will have nine colors in total. Just finished taking all of the photos over the weekend, so now I’m editing and uploading them all to my site. This is unchartered territory, so it is taking a little longer than expected. New launch date will be May 15!