My favorite thing to pin on pinterest is definitely food, as evidenced by my Deliciousness board, which is the fullest of them all. I knocked out a bunch of recipes from my board over the past week, which I have ranked here, in order of deliciousness:

1. soy-glazed roasted carrot spring rolls

I’m making these for a baby shower I’m co-hosting next weekend, so I thought it would be wise to do a dry run since I had never actually made spring rolls before. I made the marinade exactly as written, but instead of baking the carrots and green onions I tossed them into a wok and stir fried them along with tofu and bean sprouts. They were so good (and good for you!) that I didn’t even need the dip.

2. blueberry-sour cream muffins

These muffins were the perfect way to use up some leftover sour cream sitting in our fridge. The lemon zest adds the best accent of flavor and scent! They turned out perfectly except for the shortcut I tried to take by not buttering the muffin tin first– big mistake. I had to pry each one of them out of the tin and lost some of their bottoms in the struggle.

3. shrimp tacos with citrus slaw

Since Saturday was Cinco de Mayo, it was the perfect occasion to try out this recipe. I love shrimp tacos and this slaw really steps them up a notch. I will definitely be making these again, maybe Cinco de Junio?

4. homemade wheat thins

I love snacking on crackers, but the healthy ones are so expensive! I wanted to try making them for a long time, but never found a recipe that tempted me until this one appeared on pinterest. I didn’t roll my first batch out enough, so they didn’t *crunch* they way I wanted. I rolled out the second batch thinner, sprayed them with olive oil and salted them before putting them in the oven. While they wouldn’t pass in a blind taste test against the real deal, they are a super fast and easy way to create a healthy snack on the cheap!