OK, so the peepers only lasted about ten days without acquiring names… and personalities.

[Clockwise from top left]

Butter, short for Butterball, was the biggest from day one. Butter is a Buff Orpington, expected to be 7-8 pounds, and lay brown eggs. Butter is kind of a bully, pecking at the others and showing more aggressive behavior. It makes me wonder if Butter might be a rooster, which would be bad news for Butter…

Chipmunk, or Chip, got her name because of her markings, but she’ll be more mottled once her feathers grow in. She’s an Easter Egger, a petite chicken that lays blue or green tinted eggs.

Penguin is an Australorp, originally bred from the Black Orpington, but we think she looks like a little baby penquin. She is the smallest, but the loudest. Isn’t that so often the case? She should be about the same size as Butter full-grown and lay large brown eggs as well.

Nutmeg was named by my sister and is the sweetest of them all. She is also an Easter Egger and loves to be held, which is probably why she’s the easiest to catch.

That’s our little flock! Next week I’ll share some photos of our coop.