We are one week into our 3-week vacation in Scandinavia. This is the first trip that I have decided to take all of my photos with my phone and upload them to Instagram as I go. I am trying a different method after three trips to Southeast Asia and about 3,000 photos still waiting to be downloaded and sorted at home.

The enhancements built into the Instagram app instantly produce amazing finished photographs that are so much better than the originals or the ones from my point-n-shoot camera. It’s also great that my family at home can see where we are and what we are doing on our vacation in real time. Of course, this only work when we are traveling in places where there is access to wifi everywhere, like in Sweden.

Here is a collection of photos from our week in Sweden. Next week we’re headed to Norway, then to Iceland. You can see more photos by following me on Instagram: @percolatingdesign.