I’ve been busy preparing to launch my Fall Collection by month’s end. I feel pretty confident that it will be ready for release in the next couple of weeks. You can see a sneak preview on my Facebook page for now.

In the meantime, another project at home has received some recent buzz. As you may know, Peter, my architect husband designed and built me a chicken coop for Christmas that is now home to four happy chickens. Having an affinity for prefab and modular design, he incorporated many of the same design principles into our coop.

Living in San Francisco, it seems that everyone we talk to either wants to raise chickens or knows someone who does. So, Peter challenged himself to design a modern coop with our friends – and their hip urban chickens – in mind. The freshly minted design, coined the “Moop” (modular coop), was just featured on treehugger this week and I couldn’t be more proud. (Also check out the T-Modulome, his prefab for people, under Related links on the left)

Click on image to read full story at treehugger.com.[Click on image to read full story at treehugger.com]

With our prototype we are working out the kinks, and are preparing to put a version of the Moop on Kickstarter to raise funding for an initial production run. If you’d like to receive an announcement when our campaign begins, just email me!