Last weekend we took a quick trip down to LA to attend the opening of the El Segundo Museum of Art (ESMoA). It’s not every day that a new museum opens, and perhaps once in a lifetime that someone you know has opened it. This is only part of what was so special about ESMoA.

Our friends and longtime art collectors, Brian and Eva Sweeney, describe ESMoA as an art laboratory rather than a traditional museum. For starters, the art, which is from their private collection, is hung in unconventional ways. Many pieces are hung lower or placed on the floor to give the younger ones a better vantage point. There is also an onsite artist-in-residence program that will expose emerging artists from abroad to the the west coast art scene. They plan to have new “experiences”, or exhibits, every few months and will partner with local schools and colleges on programs as well.

Brian and Eva’s goal in opening ESMoA was to make art more accessible and to share their extensive collection with the public. For that reason, the museum is open to the public, free of charge, Friday through Sunday. It is the perfect little excursion if you’re in the area, or on your way to or from LAX.